Fallen  Fog

Fallen Fog

Anisha is a free(lance) creative based in Brooklyn, New York. What even is a creative? It’s an often thrown around word many choose to identify with. Anisha’s definition as a creative: she’s a thinker and maker, using her emotions, personal journey & passion for color to create anything from still images, videos, graphics, or poetry. You’ll usually find her behind a camera working on set or in studio for a variety of brands and people helping tell their stories. On her own, she tells her own stories based on her beliefs, travels, or the conversations she has with people around her that initiate a switch in her perspective. Most importantly, though, she cares about connection and collaboration. Whether with people or places, she naturally forms detailed relationships that illuminate in the way she feels she has to stop, observe, absorb & capture. Her next step is to tell longer form stories, consistently take risks in her approach, and create experiences for people that live outside the digital world (Follow her work on Instagram at @anishaspice).

Final Frame Dimensions: 25x30 in.